The trading engine running at the core of the Toolkit will keep track of every position, the overall strategy performance, and run backtests on every change you make to always give you updated insights.

Keep everything under control: from every single position’s details to overall trading performance, Protervus Trading Toolkit will display all the data you need to fine tune your strategy.

Protervus Trading Toolkit features many built-in conditions ready to be activated and customized. From Trailing Profit to Hard Stops, you can boost your strategy performance in a few clicks.

Link a chained indicator and watch Protervus Trading Toolkit do its magic. Signals from the chained indicator will be computed into trades, showing position information and graphical representation.

You can add safety measures to automatically stop the whole strategy if the total drawdown goes below your desired percentage, or even try closing the position at break-even in case of a sudden price reversal. Further safety can be added by combining multiple built-in conditions.

Backtests will be automatically executed each time you change a parameter, and integrated with new data as new trades happen. Backtests results include granular trade statistics as well as time and balance data.

Customize the Statistics Panel, Trade Labels, and Position graphical representation’s appearance and colors.

You can create alerts for all trading situations, from opening a trade when the candle closes, to firing safety alerts as soon as the condition is met. Use alerts to manage trades manually or send them via webhook to a trading bot to automate your strategy.

Built-in conditions

Take Profit \ Stop Loss percentage
Take Profit or Stop at Loss when a fixed percentage is reached.

Additional options:

  • Limit \ Hard Stop: the trade will be considered closed when that specific price is reached – otherwise, the candle’s closing price will be used.

Trailing Take Profit
Trail the price and close the trade in profit when it reverses for the chosen percentage.

Additional options:

  • Engage and Disengage: activate trailing when the price is above the entry price for the chosen percentage, and de-activate it if price goes past the disengage percentage.
  • Safety TP: close the trade at Break-Even if the price sharply reverses from engaged area to BE level. A specific Alert is available in order to create a separate trigger with immediate effect.

Note: using TP Safety with an Engage % of zero might result in many early exits, so it is recommended to add some margin to Engage % to avoid that.

Exit \ Stop on Opposite Signal
Close the trade when another, contrary signal is received (e.g. close a Long position when a signal to go Short is received).

Exit \ Stop after X candles
Close the trade after X candles, as soon as the condition is met (e.g. for Take Profit condition, it will close the trade after X candles as soon as the trade is in profit).

Additional options:

  • Bind to TP \ SL: only validate the condition if the current PnL is above (TakeProfit cond.) or below (Stop Loss cond.) the specified percentage.

ATR Stop
Classic ATR Stop Loss.

Trailing ATR Stop
Chase the price by the defined ratio and close the position when the candle closes past the ATR line.

Additional options:

  • Bind to TP \ SL: only validate the condition if the current PnL is above (TakeProfit cond.) or below (Stop Loss cond.) the specified percentage.

External Signal (sent from your indicator)
Close the position basing on your own triggers, defined in the chained indicator.

Additional options:

  • Bind to TP \ SL: only validate the condition if the current PnL is above (TakeProfit cond.) or below (Stop Loss cond.) the specified percentage.

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